Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fourth of July Fondant Cake

My fondant cake was a success!  The homemade fondant was definitely dryer than the store bought, and it actually has a lot of pock marks from air bubbles I'm assuming (the picture hides it well).  So, it is not as smooth as the store bought.  But, keep in mind I added a TON of extra powdered sugar.  I ended up painting the stars first and then putting them on after they were mostly dry.  I also colored some fondant red and blue with hopes of making a bow on top and then stars all around it.  Unfortunately, the bow was extra floppy and flat, and the colors weren't as vibrant as the painted fondant, so I took the bow off.  I have enough fondant left over to cover another 8 inch cake, so I will probably make another practice cake in a few days.  Come back to see it!

Here is a picture of me modeling my cake.  I love the new shirt I have on from Kohl's!

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