Thursday, April 14, 2011

Butterfly Pin Cushion

I always struggled to get the pins out of the little plastic box they came in, it seemed I could never grab just one at a time.  A pin cushion was the perfect solution.  After seeing this tutorial on Make It & Love It, I was on the look out for a cute ceramic candle holder.  Instead, I found a cute little butterfly candy dish!  I found it at Micheal's for about $2.  With Easter coming up, there are a lot of cute containers in fun colors available.  I was able to use a scrap of fabric from my stash that matches my Target bulletin boards.  I hot glued the fabric into the container, which ended up a little wonky, but that just adds character, right?  Then I hot glued a blue bow and a sparkly butterfly button onto it to add a cute touch.  I think it turned out great, and because it's not as tall as a votive holder, I shouldn't be able to knock it off the table as easily (I hope). 

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