Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spaghetti Bird Nests (Kids Craft)

This month in our homeschooling preschool, we are learning about birds.  I found this great project for spaghetti nests, and thought it would be fun to do with the kids.  We mixed our spaghetti with glue and paint and layered in a bowl covered in wax paper.  My kids loved making colored noodles!  So much so, we made way too many and our nests got really thick!  The directions say it may take a day or two to dry.  We left ours on the counter for about 5 days and they weren't even half dry, and they were starting to smell, so I broke out the hair dryer and stood there for quite a while (I was reading a book).  So if you choose to do this with your kids, just break out the hair dryer right away, or if you live where it's actually sunny and warm in April (not snowing), you can put it outside and it'd dry faster.  I also hard boiled some eggs so they would have an egg to put in their nest.  I intended to dye the eggs blue to look like Robin eggs, but we didn't get to it. 

Rebekah's nest before drying.

 Caleb's nest before drying.

Rebekah's finished nest!

Caleb's finished nest!

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