Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thankful for Electricity

Today my simple joy is having electricity!!!!  We had a terrible storm Sunday night and were without power until around 11am today, Tuesday.  There were 8 power poles that snapped in half, as well as several trees down blocking the road.  I am very thankful that everyone we know is safe!  Our only casualty's were our gas grill and a plastic fisher price slide (that we found about 8 houses down, smashed).  The above picture is the power company convention behind our house, thank you to all the power company workers that worked through the night replacing poles and stringing lines! 

This is the storage building's roof, which is across the street and down a little bit from us.  

During the storm, my sister in law was giving birth to our new nephew, Taylor.   Welcome to the family!

 My sewing machine and computer were out of commission, so I found some time to scrapbook in the afternoon.  I started working on 2010 pictures, here are my first three pages. 


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