Thursday, May 12, 2011

Swimming Skirt with Matching Shirt

This is my new swimming attire!  I made a swimming skirt with attached legging underneath that come just above my knee.  This is a two piece, skirt and shirt. 

I made my own patterns using clothes that fit me.  The most important things are to use a zig zag stitch so the fabric can still stretch, and to try it on often!  It's much easier to make changes as you go instead of waiting until it's finished.  I started with the leggings underneath the skirt.  I traced a pair of my own pajama pants to get the pattern.  The picture below shows them pinned together.  Sew the outside and inside of each leg, then sew the two legs together.  After trying the leggings on, I had to take them in a couple inches.  For the skirt, just sew the back and front pieces together.  Once the leggings and skirt were finished, I put the leggings inside the skirt and sewed around the waist, just to keep them together.  Then I folded the waistband over to make a casing for the elastic.  I found that I needed much less elastic than expected, you want it to be tight enough on your waist so it won't fall down in the water!  Talk about embarrassing!  I also should mention that I put a piece of black swimwear lining in the front of the skirt, which was sewn with the front piece like it was just one fabric. 

For the shirt, I traced a T-shirt that I had, which you can see.  There are 4 pieces to the shirt, the front (which is actually a patterned piece and a black lining piece sewn as one), the back, and each sleeve.  This was my first time ever making a shirt and it was much easier than I expected.  The whole outfit took me around 5 hours to complete.

Now summer can begin!  I'll give you an update after I pool test my outfit, which will be tonight or tomorrow at the gym.

Are you wondering why I choose to wear an outfit like this instead of the normal swim suit you see at the beach?  There is a great little book called The Girl in the Dress by Lori Wagner that explains why modesty is so important to God, as well as giving some great tips.

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