Friday, April 6, 2012

Rr Rock - Homeschool Highlights in MFWK

This is our Rr Rock unit.  We learned "I listen and obey.  I build my life on the Rock."  I think my kids have already forgotten the "listen and obey" part!  Above is the front of our lap book.  I had them cut out letter Rs and pictures that start with R, like rock, rain, and railroad tracks.  Below, they are looking for rocks for their rock collection.  It was cold out, so mom and baby didn't want to travel very far to find rocks... 

It just so happened that the kids sang at church this week in the kids choir, guess what song?  I go to the Rock.  This was Rebekah's first time singing up front and she did a great job.  She sang really loud, and she knew all the words!

Here's a version of it on youtube:

Practicing the letter R:

And our books.  I also found a DVD about Rocks and Minerals that I'm going to have them watch this week.

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  1. Rocks are always fun to learn about! Thanks for linking up and sharing :0)


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