Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Days 64-81 MFW 1st Grade

Yep, day 81!  That means we are officially half way done with our school year!!!  The above picture was Caleb's summary of the story of baby Moses.  It's the first sentence he's written all by himself.  All I did was help him remember the words he wanted to write.  I'm so proud of him!  And I think I'll keep this page forever!  It says "The king's daughter found baby Moses in a basket."  That's a giant period at the end.  I was surprised that he got the "ou" right in the word "found", but he made the "n" upside down!  I love it!  (I purposely didn't correct the word "basket", since I didn't want to point out too many mistakes.  I wanted him to be proud of himself!  Below is his finished summary with his picture.

And below is his drawing an summary from last week.  He came up with the sentence, but I wrote it down and let him copy it.  The picture he did himself.  He's really progressed in his art work!  He used to cry and tell me he couldn't draw anything.  For a while he copied exactly what I drew, but now he's coming up with his own drawings.  Below are piles of food that Joseph stored, complete with workers climbing up the stacks of food!

Caleb's reading is really progressing too.  It really amazes me!  He still doesn't like reading books himself though.  I signed him up for Pizza Hut's Book It program, so his December goal is to read 20 books.  He usually reads a book to daddy in the evenings.  Below is a picture of his sticker chart.  Daddy wants to take him to Pizza Hut when he makes this goal!

For bible, we learned about Abraham, then Isaac and Rebekah, then Jacob and Esau, Joseph, and now we've moved on to Moses.  One activity we did together was make lentil stew (like Esau sold his birthright for).  I really liked it, but the kids said they didn't.  Below is a picture of Abraham's family tree.  We also did our own family tree.

And we've continued learning some Proverbs.

We haven't done much for science.  We learned about measurement, and now we've just started studying water.  Not too many experiments to take pictures of...

In math, we finished up money and moved on to fractions.  What's better than learning about fractions using cookies?  Below is our visual aid.

Hope you enjoyed visiting our school!


  1. I just found your blog via the MFW facebook page where you posted it. I love that you're blogging your way through! I have a few posts, but not really cataloging each day or week. Maybe I'll try it next year! Thanks for this resource!

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog!


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