Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Names of Jesus Christmas Ornaments

A few weeks ago, I posted a Word for Wednesday about making Christmas a more Holy experience.  I went through the bible, and came up with 25 names of Jesus and made ornaments with the names on them.  Every night, we read a scripture and talk about the name for that day.  Some days, the kids have been very receptive, and other days they are bouncing off the walls!  But I'm thankful that we've done this.  I know it's almost Christmas, but I wanted to share with you my list.  Maybe you can at least have a conversation with your kids about all the different names of Jesus.  For the ornaments, I bought a piece of that styrafoam poster board, and cut it into 2 x 6 inch rectangles.  I wrote the name with permanent black marker, and then traced it with glitter glue (from the dollar store!).  Then I hot glued on some ribbon to hang them.

  1. Jesus, Mat 1:18-21
  2. Mighty God , Isa 9:6 
  3. Prince of Peace, Isa 9:6
  4. Everlasting Father, Isa 9:6
  5. Wonderful, Isa 9:6
  6. Counselor, Isa 9:6
  7. Emmanual, Mat 1:23
  8. Christ the Lord, Luk_2:11
  9. The Lamb, Joh_1:29
  10. The Branch, Isa 11:1-2
  11.  Lion of Judah, Rev 5:5
  12. Jehovah, Exo_6:3
  13.  Son of God, Luk_1:35
  14. Son of man, Mar_14:62
  15. Rose of Sharon, Son 2:1, Isa 35:1-2
  16. Lily of the Valley, Son 2:1 
  17. Bright and Morning Star, Rev_22:16
  18. I am, Mar 14:61-62
  19. Son of David, Mat_21:9
  20. Alpha and Omega, Rev_1:8
  21. Redeemer, Isa 47:4
  22. Friend, Joh 15:13 , Joh 15:14  
  23. King of the Jews, Mat_2:2, Mat_27:37
  24. King of Glory, Psa_24:8
  25. Saviour, Luk_2:11

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