Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Day of School, 2nd Grade & Kindergarten

Monday was our first day of school!  It didn't go quite as hoped for... I knew I was in trouble when Caleb asked if we were going to do a cool science experiment and started saying how bad school was going to be when I told him we didn't.  But we made it through everything with time to spare.  They definitely need some time to get used to being back to school!

Here is Joshua reading his own book.  And below is Rebekah working on her creation poster from My Father's World Kindergarten.

Caleb really did well with his first spelling lesson.  I expected whining about the reading and writing, but was pleasantly surprised.  I haven't spent a ton of time reading with him this summer like I had wanted too, but he's doing great.

We will be studying US History this year so we had a red, white and blue snack to go along with our look at the Pledge of Allegiance.

Our back to school tradition is to go out for ice cream when we're done for the day.  We invited a couple friends along to celebrate.

When reporting to daddy, Caleb's favorite part was math (Singapore 1A = easy start!), and Rebekah's favorite part was her creation book she started making.  I'm praying for a wonderful school year!

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