Monday, August 13, 2012

Homeschool Space 2012

Welcome to the second week of the Not Back to School Blog Hop!  This week is school room week.  We don't have a room, we have the top half of a book case and the kitchen table, but it works well for us.  Not much has changed since last year.  Let me explain what everything is from top to bottom, right to left:

Above the book case:  The white tote hold extra educational toys, with our salt tray above that.  The canvas bin is full of play doh.

Top shelf:  All the books standing up are parts of our curriculum that we're not using every day, like future science books.  Next is our bucket of wood pattern shapes, with Bob books and chalk in front of it.  The next containers are for our 100 cup and our money cup.  The tote on the far left is all of my extra teaching supplies, like note cards, thumb tacks and shaving cream!

Middle shelf:  In those drawers are all our art supplies, with construction paper and coloring books on top of them.  The extra school supplies are stored in a tote in the basement.  Next to the drawers is all our curriculum that gets used every day, like my teacher's manual, the kids work books and our nature journals.

Bottom shelf:  The kids dry erase alphabet toys, followed by their calendar binders and pencil/crayon boxes.  Each kids box holds pencils, a pink eraser, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, and a glue stick.  The blue tote holds our drawing things (sketch pads, markers, scratch paper).  The red tote and long egg carton are for our math boxes (something used for MFW math).

Here are the kids working at the kitchen table.

This tote is full of educational toys to be used during my one on one time with the other sibling.  These toys will get changed out with the ones above my shelf.  

On an end table is our book basket, filled with science and math picture books, and Little Town on the Prairie, which is the next read aloud book.  On our vacation this summer, we went to the little town mentioned in the book, so we're excited to read about it.  (It takes us about 6 weeks to get through a chapter book like this). 

This is my file box, located under the desk.  It holds the worksheets and loose papers from our curriculum that aren't being used that week.  

And this is my favorite new addition!  See Simply Charlotte Mason to watch a video about how to use this type of system.  Basically, we'll put a scripture in the daily spot first, and then after it's memorized, it goes to the odd/even spot and it's reviewed every other day.  Then it can move to the days of the week, so it's reviewed once a week.  And lastly, it's moved to the number of the day to be reviewed once a month.  I bought the index card holder at Walmart, but used colored labels, cut in half and folded over, as my tabs to save a few dollars.

Well, that's our homeschool space.  Now it's time to go drool over all the other home school rooms on the blog hop.  Someday I'd like to have a dedicated space, but I'll cheerfully make do with whatever God blesses us with!


  1. I like the scripture memory cards!

  2. Glad to see someone else using CM's Scripture Memory Box in MFW 1st! I am loving the review of the previously memorized verses.

    1. The review is what makes this system so great!

  3. Memory boxes great idea!

  4. How funny- I was just looking for the link to the scripture memory box about an hour ago! And then I run into it here! haha!
    I love that a minimalist approach to your school space is working well for you. Have a great year!


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