Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 28, MFW Adventures & K

Here's a picture of Matthew, just because he's cute!  For week 28, we continued our study of Abraham Lincoln and his presidential years, including the Civil War or course.  Caleb loves to hear about war, and he read a few of our school books all by himself!

Singapore 2A is definitely more work than 1B.  One thing that Caleb really dislikes is the practice pages in the textbook.  Having to write your answers on a separate paper instead of doing a workbook page is a terrible thing apparently.  Which is funny because I remember being excited about going into 3rd grade because we didn't have math workbooks anymore, we got to write in our own notebook!  Funny!  Below is his practice page.

I found this base ten set at a special school sale for only $10.  It's the classroom set, which sells on amazon for $79.59!  Although, the basic set is all we (or you) really need.  Click on the amazon links below if you're interested (they are affiliate links).  I also bought some watercolor paints and chalk pastels for really cheap.  I was hoping to find a giant case of glue sticks, but no luck!  I think we have a monster that lives in our house and eats glue sticks!

Art went better this week, I didn't throw anything across the room!  Here they are painting.  The painting lessons usually go well, it's their favorite.  Although you would have thought Caleb had been shot and was bleeding when he got red paint on his arm!  (Much screaming...)

They were practicing painting with control, and then painting with shading.

Rebekah moved on to the letter B for butterfly.  I was really impressed by her handwriting.  I think it's as good as Caleb's already!  I haven't had as much time to do the fun activities from K with Rebekah.  I feel bad some days, but she doesn't realize that she's missing anything.  We skipped raising butterflies this year, and I skipped painting a butterfly.  I did have a coloring sheet though.

That's the end of week 28!  Only 6 more weeks left of our school year!  I'm getting excited about moving on to My Father's World's Exploring Countries and Cultures!

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