Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 30, MFW Adventures & K

"I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me will live, even though he dies." John 11:25 was our verse that we studied this week.  Perfect that this week happened to be the one before Easter!  Above is our resurrection cookie that we made (recipe in curriculum).  Each ingredient had a bible verse with it, and the cookie is like the Jesus' empty tomb!  They tasted great too, better than I expected!  However, make sure that if you let your kids crack the eggs, that you don't get ANY of the egg yolk in the whites.  They will NEVER stiffen up and you'll have to start over (oops).  

In history, we learned about the transcontinental railroad, as well as Colorado.  Caleb loves trains, so he really enjoyed our books this week.

I started reading In Grandma's Attic out loud.  Caleb said "This is better than Laura Ingalls Wilder!"  (And he really liked her books too.)  I see that it is a series, I will have to get some more to read over the summer.  The stories tie in biblical truths, which is very nice.

In science, we continued to use our magnet kit.  Below are several pictures of our experiments.

Can you see that the paper clip is floating in mid air!  Rebekah's eyes filled with wonder the first time I did it!

We even made an electromagnet that almost worked...  it was magnetized, but not strong enough to pick up a washer.

Rebekah is cruising right along with her Kindergarten.  She did letter X this week for Fox.  Below is a math page of hers.  And the next picture is her drawing page, which I also thing is so cute!

Joshua?  He's become a little trouble maker!  He opened a brand new box of noodles and dumped them all over the floor.  He also pulls up a chair to the counter, gets out the peanut butter, and a knife, and tries to help himself.  I caught him, but he couldn't get the jar open and was crying saying "I need my peanut butter."  It was really funny!  He didn't know I was watching him!  Good thing he's cute!

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