Saturday, April 19, 2014

Week 29, MFW Adventures & K

Look what this little stinker did all by himself during our school time!  He put the train together and put all the right color pegs on the train cars, then he counted to five for me when he was showing me what he did!  (I was ignoring him while he was doing this.)  He's learning so much just by being near us during school time!

Apparently, I didn't take any pictures this week...  but I was able to get a few of their papers.  We went through 4 states: Kansas, West Virginia, Nevada, and Nebraska.  We read a lot of books about pioneers.  We listened to the song, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, which is a new favorite!

We finished reading Mountain Born this week.  Now, I'm trying to find a sheep farm that will let us come take a tour!  The book was very interesting and tied in perfectly with our bible verse, "The Lord is our Good Shepherd".  Now, we really understand what a shepherd does, and how sheep behave.  I love how My Father's World ties everything into the bible!

Our science this week has been using this Magnet kit.  We did the first 4 learning cards that came inside, and next week we'll do the last 4.  The kids love playing with this, it's hard to get them to stop playing and listen to me read about magnets for a minute!  We made our own compass, and learned about North and South poles.  (This kit was part of our Deluxe My Father's World package.)

We've continued our music study of Tchaikovsky by listening to his ballet, Sleeping Beauty.  Our curriculum recommended this CD to listen to the story of Sleeping Beauty, and we really loved it!  There is also the story of Snow White and Rose Red, and the Twelve Dancing Princesses.  Both my kids really loved listening and kept begging me to play them again.  Jim Weiss is a great narrator, I will be getting more of his audio-books for the kids to listen to!

Rebekah has finished the letter F for frog.  Below is her picture of the life cycle of a frog.  She is doing a great job, I think her handwriting is almost as good as Caleb's already!  I love her drawing page every week!

That's it for week 29.  Next week I'll try to have more pictures!  Linking up with:

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