Saturday, August 15, 2015

Plastic Grocery Bag Holder

This is what it looked like under the sink! I have a bad habit of just stuffing plastic grocery bags into the cabinet, usually, there are even more! My husband has been using a lot of them to carry produce home from the garden. So, I happened to see this blog a couple days ago, and I knew I had to use her idea: DIY plastic grocery bag holder. Her's is very cute, but I went with quick and easy.  It's under the sink after all, behind a child proof lock, so no one will see it.

I found a box in the garage I could use. Tip: make sure the box fits under the sink before you start. I didn't check first, and had to squish it in. I used duct tape instead of hot glue to close the box. I noticed after a couple days that it came undone, so I will have to re-tape it, or maybe try and glue it later.

Here's what the it looks like now! Mush better! I still might decorate the box to make it cute, but this works for now.

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