Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby Doll Jumpers, Tights and Shirt

Aren't these dresses just adorable!  I made them to match dresses that I made my daughter.  I made the patterns for the dolls exactly like I made my daughters and followed the same directions, see here.  The first time I made the jumper pattern though, I forgot to make the armholes!  I didn't realize it until the dress was almost done and I went to put it on the doll, oops!

For the tights and shirt, I bought this Simplicity doll clothes pattern.  The tights were really easy, but you have to use a two way stretch material, which can be difficult to work with.  I actually got it stuck in my machine and thought I broke my machine!  Fortunately, my mechanical engineering degree came in handy and I was able to fix it myself.  The little shirt I made was also fairly easy.  The pattern gives directions for what part to sew first and in what order, like hemming the sleeves before you sew them to the shirt, nice!  I actually bought the pattern because I wanted to make the pajamas, but I ran out of time.  Looks like I have an option for Christmas!

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