Monday, September 12, 2011

Yet Another Jean Skirt

I fixed another jean skirt for a friend.  This one had a slit in the back that ripped, so I had to cut the skirt off at the rip and add some length.  I added a straight piece, and then a little ruffle.  I was a little nervous about the bottom add on being too light, but my friend said she liked it, yeah!  (Hopefully, she wasn't lying!)

Today's Simple Joys
Church - How blessed we are to be able to worship Jesus with other believers, still thinking about the power of God I felt last night!
Zucchini Bread - I've made 3 batches today, some with raisins, butterscotch chips, and chocolate chips!
Electricity - Our power just cut out twice a little bit ago.  With zucchini bread half done in the oven, I'm glad it came back, and that it's always there!
My Kids - I just put a picture of them right next to my computer, they are laughing, and I can't keep from looking at it and smiling!

1 comment:

  1. I never did MFW Kindergarten with my kiddos, but it looks so much fun. :-)


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