Thursday, September 1, 2011

Homeschool Highlights in MFW: Week 2

I'm linking up with Homeschool Highlights in MFW over on Discover Their Gifts and 2 Ladybugs and a Lizard.  This is week 2 of the link up, although it's actually week 4 of our homeschool.  This past week and a half we learned about the letter S and the sun, and learned the bible words "Jesus is the light of the world".  Here they are painting a sun (and then dinosaurs). 

The finished paintings (Rebekah's has a big fat dinosaur on it too, can't you tell?). 

We started making raisins out of grapes.  Here they are on day 5, slightly smaller and browner.  The first day we put them out, daddy saw them and had them for a snack, he ate our science experiment!

We made lapbooks for our Ss unit.  The sailor S, the snake pop up, and the sea book all came from other websites, and were not part of MFW.  I am not currently on my own computer and don't remember the links, so I will try to link to them when I can.  Rebekah's in on top and Caleb's is on the bottom.  We added smily face, stars, starfish, and seahorse stickers too.  Rebekah was unable to do the handwritting worksheet (because she's only 3), so after a small fit about it, I helped her circle the pictures on the back that started with S.  Caleb didn't like writing either, but managed to complete it very well after some coaxing that he just needed practice and he could cross one off if he made a mistake. 

Books we read from the library:

These were our special literature day books, Bear Shadow and Wake up, Sun!  We used plastic animals to act out Wake up, Sun! and then went outside and pretended to be Bear trying to get away from his shadow.

Here are the kids trying to run away from their shadows.  You can also see our homemade sundial in the picture.  We've been waiting for a sunny day to put it outside.  We are also making sun tea right now. 

That is the end of our Ss unit.  We had a few rough spots, but overall we had fun.  Tomorrow we are going to go hiking with daddy and plan on bringing our nature journals to record what we see or find.

See what other MFW homeschool families did this week in MFW Homeschool Highlights.


  1. I remember reading Wake Up Sun! Your lapbooks look great! Thanks for linking up. Have a nice hike tomorrow.

  2. Looks like a blast Casey!!!

  3. Dad eating the science experiment-funny! Glad you had a good week!

  4. We begin lessons Labor Day, and my 3rd child will be using MFW K. I have enjoyed peeking into your schooltime fun -- it gets me all jazzed up about ours!

  5. Thank you everyone, I appreciate the comments!

  6. Oh what fun MFW K looks! I am looking forward to using it with my little ones when the time comes. Thanks for linking up and sharing :0)

  7. What a neat view of what MFW is all about :) I found you through the MFW Blogroll, and I'm planning to follow throughout the year to get a good idea of how a MFW kindergarten year goes. (We're thinking of using this curriculum next year...)

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. we're on M this week, great to find you on the link up


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