Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Homeschool Highlights in MFW: Week 3

I am linking up again with the Homeschool Highlights in MFW.  We are in kindergarten, on the Mm Moon lesson.  This has been our best unit yet.  I love the bible words to remember "I am the light of the world".  We talked about how Jesus is like the sun and we are like the moon, we reflect His love onto other people, just like the moon reflects the sun.  We made moon cookies to share with our neighbors to shine some of Jesus' light on them!  The picture below is them making phases of the moon cards.

Every day we add a number to our 100 chart, and add a stick to our 100 cup.  Yesterday we added number 10 and bundled them in a rubber band.

This was their favorite tactile activity we've ever done!  They have asked to do it every day since!  It's just shaving cream.  After practicing a few Mm's, they made construction sites (I think their hands were the bulldozers!).

This was not during school time, and Rebekah is not supposed to be on the arm of the couch, but I thought it was so cute that they were reading together.  After I took the picture I made Rebekah get off the arm!

This was our favorite activity!  We made a space ship out of a big wardrobe box we had left from our move.  It was such a beautiful day, we built it out on the deck.  Once it was built, we pretended it was headed for the moon.  After blast off, I had them look out the window while I held up the globe, they were so far from the earth that it looked little!

Complete with controls inside!

Once we got to the moon, we space walked and measured how high we could jump.  Then we made moon craters in the sand box and added moon rocks (and didn't you know the moon has moon pine cones!).  We also added a flag to say we had been to the moon!

We were able to have a big nature walk with daddy this weekend too.  We went to a nearby state park and hiked on a few trails, and climbed an observation tower.

Here they are painting to the song "Spring" by Vivaldi.  They were supposed to be painting a spring picture, so we called them spring thunderstorms (my sons idea).

Their finished paintings:

Our mostly finished lapbooks.  You can also see the backside of last weeks letter S lapbook.  The M - Marshall on the cover is from DLTK's Alphabuddies

 The moon poem on the cover, the Mm book and the Let it Shine Light Bulb book are all from Homeschool Share in the lap book section.  On each light bulb book page, we wrote what we could do to let our light shine on others, like making cookies and helping people with their work.

Lastly, here are the books we have read, or will read today.  We are going to read Mooncake and then make a moon cake, and we are also going to read Happy Birthday Moon today and make paper hats!


  1. So many fun things! I'm sure they loved playing with the shaving cream. I've been saving a few boxes from our move to make something with the girls. I think they had planned a house; maybe I'll see if they're interested in a spaceship though. That looks fun.

  2. Love the cardboard Rocket!!! If we had a big enough box I would totally steal that idea :) Looks like a fun filled day :)

  3. Looks like a good week ~ what a FUN spaceship!

  4. Wow.....some great hands-on goodies going on over there! I love the rocket.......and my kids would love the shaving cream idea! Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun!

  5. So much creativity at your house! Love the spaceship, paintings, and lapbooks! Your children are blessed to have a devoted mom to lead them in such fun activities. Have a blessed school year! :-)

  6. Thank you all for the kind words!

  7. What a fun week! :) Y'all did a GREAT job on the spaceship, and the craters were a wonderful addition. Wonderful job, Mama! :)


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