Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bean Bag Game

I can check another Christmas gift off my list!  I just finished this bean bag game for my kids.  The bean bags are jean pockets filled with lentils and rice (I ran out of beans), and just sewn closed.  I found the idea on instructables.

Because this game will be played indoors, I didn't want pottery to be what they were throwing at, so I made my own game mat.  I used a heavy duty brown fabric that was in my stash, and used a blue jean leg to make the binding.  I used fabric markers to make the circles and numbers.  A bowl worked well to make the small circles, and a 14 inch cake pan was used to make the middle one.  I couldn't find anything bigger, so I drew the large circle free hand.

I flipped it over and drew a tic tac toe board on the other side!  The marker did bleed through the fabric in a couple spots, but not too many.  You could avoid this by using two pieces of fabric and drawing on them before sewing them together.  Then I drew X's and O's on the back of the bean bags.  The blue O's are Caleb's, and the red X's are Rebekah's.  The front of their bean bags have the letters of their names.  I hope Caleb won't be upset that Rebekah has a few more, but her name is longer!

Do you think they'll like it?


  1. Nope. I think they'll LOVE it!!! Thanks for the great idea! This would be great indoors or out, camping, even long road trips (to burn off some energy) for rest & stretch stops!

    1. Thanks you. I never though about bringing it outside! I'll have to do that!


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