Sunday, August 19, 2012

Days 1-10, My Father's World 1st Grade

We've finished two weeks of school and I'm happy to say it has gone very well.  Not perfectly, but we made it through!  These pictures are from our first 10 days.  You can read about our first day here.  The picture above is how I wish every day looked: Caleb smiling while doing his work, Rebekah doing a learning activity next to me, and Joshua happy in his high chair watching it all.  Yeah, this was only perfect for a moment! 

Remember when I made this little square?  Caleb has been using it in our math box.  Here he is exploring the number 3.  He dropped the colored circles onto the square and then drew them in his notebook.

We learned that the bible was written on scrolls and stored in clay pots, so here they are making their own pots.  Unfortunately, the corn starch clay that we made didn't hold it's shape very well and it never dried.  It was fun anyway...  We are memorizing some of the Proverbs, and started with Proverbs 9:10 and 10:5.

We also learned about the Jewish calendar, and how it lines up with our seasons, which was our science topic.  Rebekah is coloring the Jewish calendar while Caleb does his phonics lesson.  Speaking of science, our first science topic was things close to the ground, which included ants, worms, snails, slugs, moles, and other creatures that live close to the ground.  We put a piece of bread with honey on the sidewalk and were amazed at how quickly the ants found it.  The next morning there were big chunks missing from the bread!

We also tried to make a worm habitat, but the worms my husband had for fishing were on their last leg and died before they did anything...

Here's a random picture of Rebekah and Joshua during school time.

Both kids are excited about learning to draw with their new markers (maybe it's just the new markers?).  I bought Crayola fine tip markers, which are more fat tip than fine.  So then I bought Bic ultra fine tip markers, but the ink actually dripped out of one of them.  The Bic ones got returned, and I finally splurged on Sharpie fine tips.  They will work for now, but if they continue to enjoy drawing, I think I'll get them some nicer artist ones for Christmas!

Well, that's the highlights from the first two weeks.  This next week we'll get into some heavier phonics stuff instead of just review, and Caleb will also start copying some proverbs!


  1. We enjoyed MFW 1st grade, looks like you are too! What fun! Thanks for linking up and sharing!

  2. How old is Rebekah? We are using Rod and Staff workbooks as well, we've been trying some phonics to make it more of a kindergarten, but I think it's too much for my (just turned, sept 4th) 5 year old. I think we're going to scale back to more of a preK and just use the workbooks. Any suggestions??

    1. Hi bboles,
      Rebekah just turned 4 in Sept, so this is her preschool year. She does the Rod and Staff workbooks, but I don't do anything else with her. She does do a lot of the fun stuff with her brother. If adding phonics is too much right now, it's ok to wait on it, that's the beauty of homeschooling! I highly recommend My Father's World Kindergarten, it's very gentle. Best of luck.


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