Friday, August 31, 2012

Days 11-18, My Father's World 1st Grade

School has been going very well, yet has been very challenging at the same time!  We have been able to get all of our work done every day, but not without a lot of whining and complaining!  I have been very impressed with both of my children though, they have learned so much already.  Both of them have been memorizing a proverb each week.  So far we have done Proverbs 9:10, 10:5, 23:12, and started on 21:23.  For our bible time, we finished our alphabet scrolls, colored a Jewish calendar, and stacked up 66 books from our shelf to demonstrate how many books are in the bible.  Apparently, in our homeschool, the kids can use the excuse "The baby ate my homework!"  Rebekah left her's a little too close to Joshua!!!

Our bulletin board shows our Jewish calendar in the top left, as well as a few random math pages that Caleb has done.  (And other random artwork).

For math, we finished up Sorting and Classifying and then started Numbers and Counting.  Above is Caleb sorting some puff balls by color.  He's using a homemade tongs and a muffin tin.  For the tongs, I hot glued two tongue depressors to an old plastic spool of thread, works perfectly!  Below is Rebekah making groups of three with checkers and an egg carton.  This is one of Caleb's math box activities, she wanted to do fun math like Caleb. 

We read this book, 3 Little Firefighters, which is about sorting.  Then we sorted our markers and made a graph of our results.

This was one of their favorite activites!  We read the book, Grandma's button box, and then I dumped my button jar onto a cookie sheet (so they wouldn't end up on the floor) and they sorted them different ways, like by color and how many holes they had.  

For science, we learned about seasons and then about flowers.  Below are their season pictures.  Caleb wasn't in a drawing mood, so the summer square has only a "pool", and the winter one is left white, snow of course!

We collected flower blossoms on our walk and then make ink out of them.  This is a picture of black eyed susan's.  We also tried a purple flower and a red petunia.  The petunia worked the best, but none of them showed up on the coffee filter once it was dry.  Oh well.

And lastly, reading.  I have been so impressed with Caleb and how quickly he has been able to read the words, especially on Day 18, which was brand new long vowel sounds.  However, he's also been screaming and crying that it's too hard and he hates school...  (it's not really too hard for him by the way, he just doesn't want to do it.  Once he tries it's actually easy for him).  He does fairly well in the beginning of each lesson, but as we progress he gets tired of it.  While I don't want him to hate school, I also want him to realize that some things aren't fun, and they take work, and he has to practice reading and writing.  So, this has been the challenging part of our school.  I'll gladly take any advice you have!

These are just some random pictures of Caleb working.  Notice Joshua in the background eating Cheerios!

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