Monday, October 15, 2012

Construction Birthday Cake

Caleb recently turned 6!  This is a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!  I found a package of construction toys at Walmart for $5.88, which I thought was worth it for this cake.  It's a 10 inch round cake.  I cut the top off to make it flat, and then used that to make the ramp.  The rest of the cake top was crumbled (by Rebekah) for dirt.  Lastly, I dug a few bites out to make the hole that the digger was "digging".  (Rebekah and I had to taste test, of course!)

Yes, this the cake on top of the dryer!  I was trying to hide it from Caleb.  Wouldn't you know, that the only time he actually goes into the laundry room to put away his dirty socks is the one night I didn't want him in there!  So he saw it early, but at least he loved it!  Soon I'll post pictures of his birthday present...

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