Thursday, October 25, 2012

Days 36-53 MFW 1st Grade

Wow, it seems like a long time since I've posted about school.  I was having issues with my computer, and ended up buying a new laptop.  Today I just found the SD card reader!  Now I can get the pictures off of my camera easily!  Here's what we've been up to:

Bible:  Above, you can see the timeline we set up in our hallway.  So far, we only have a picture of creation on one end, and a picture of the kids on the other.  We'll be learning a lot of bible stories this year, which will be put on the timeline as we study them.  This month we learned the hymns: The Old Rugged Cross and Nothing But the Blood of Jesus.  Our Proverbs were 12:18, 12:22, 13:1, 14:30, and today we started 19:17.  I'm still amazed at how easily they seem to memorize these, much easier than me!

Science:  Above is a picture of a beach scene that Caleb drew.  We spent some time talking about the beach and waves, then things under the sea.  Somehow, I skipped the Exploration Day (#45), so we never did the experiments...  I guess we'll add them to next weeks Exploration Day.  This past week we learned about the Sun and Moon, and today we read our first chapter about Volcano's, which is Caleb's favorite!  

Reading:  Reading has been coming along nicely.  Today I was really proud of Caleb.  He read 2 1/2 pages in his bible reader with minimal crying and complaining!  We've been playing a lot of reading games, and I also was able to participate in Pizza Hut's Book It program.  Caleb's goal for October is to read one book per day, we're a little behind though.  Above is his complete Bible Notebook page.  I also started my own bible notebook in a plain lined notebook (so he can copy my drawings if he needs too).

Math:  We've spent the last month working on addition!  Above, he is using pretzels as his manipulative to figure out his problems.  He is very motivated by food!  Below are a couple of the pages he's completed.  He knows how to do addition when he's counting something, but now we really need to work on memorizing the addition facts!  Fortunately, daddy helps with that!  I've also let him play a few math games online, free ones of course!

As part of our addition practice, the kids had a restaurant, in which they had to figure out our bill.  We also played store.  Below is my store, set up on the table.  They could buy snacks or toys, ranging from 1 cent to 9 cents, then Caleb had to add up his bill (and help Rebekah).  I made a rule that he had to buy two things each time (otherwise he wanted to use zero as his second number...

Here is Caleb looking at how much money he has.

And Rebekah buying some grapes.

While I was setting up my store upstairs, they were setting up their own store downstairs.  Of course, I had to go shopping at least 8 times!  But is was fun, and it was a way to see how well Caleb understood addition without him getting upset.

Lastly, this picture was from today.  We started learning more about place value, so he used beans as his manipulative.  I cut apart an egg carton and he used the cups to hold 10 beans.  Rebekah is doing the alphabet puzzle from MFWK.  She's been doing great with her Rod and Staff Preschool books.

That's been our last month.  I hope you enjoyed a peek into our school.

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