Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sunshine Cafe - Restaurant Run by Kids

Welcome to the Sunshine Cafe!  The waiters, cooks, cashiers, and cleaners are Caleb and Rebekah!  Having our own restaurant was one of the activities recommended in our curriculum (My Father's World First Grade).  They did some art to create the place mats and some writing to prepare the menu's, as well as some lessons in planning.  They learned how to cook everything on our menu, which included peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cereal!  Then there was addition and counting money when it was time to pay!  And we can't forget the instruction they got on good manners (and to not lick the peanut butter knife...).

Above are the menus.  The one on the right was all the lunch choices.  Caleb didn't want to trace it with marker, so it's a little difficult to read in the picture.

Once all our planning was complete, we invited daddy to come home from work to have lunch at the Sunshine Cafe.  I was fortunate to dine with him!  I had a ham and cheese sandwich, yogurt, lemonade, a brownie, and a piece of licorice.  It cost me 18 cents!  We had a lot of fun watching the kids be grown ups!

Here they are at their posts!  I think they are trying to figure out our bill in this picture.  The picture below is of our bills.  I was able to copy them from our curriculum.

Being able to do something fun like this for school is one of the reasons I love homeschooling!  In a week or two we'll be having our own store too, just to practice adding and counting money.

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