Monday, October 29, 2012

Odds and Ends

I've been checking things off the "sewing to do" list.  Above is a shirt that someone gave Rebekah, but she didn't like that it had a hole in it!  A small piece of knit sewn behind the hole fixed it perfectly!

And remember my Van Orgainizer?  Well, the straps were too short, so the velcro couldn't get a good grip. That meant every time my kids brushed against it, it fell down.  Quite annoying after a few weeks!  So, I just made two connector pieces.  It's just a tube of fabric with velcro on both ends to enlarge the original straps.  Now it fits perfectly and it hasn't fallen down since I added this.

And a silly picture of all the kids!  Joshua is such fun to have around!  I am a blessed momma!

Below is a Google Affiliate Ad.  I will make money if you click on the link and actually buy the product.  You may see a few of these on some of my future posts, but I will try and only advertise products I actually recommend or want myself!  I thought this cart was cute, and I needed something to test Google out with!

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