Monday, August 26, 2013

MFW Adventures & K, Week 3

We made it through week 3 and I am loving Adventures!  This week we learned about Jamestown and Pocahontas.  Caleb's favorite part of the story is John Smith's boat exploding, and of course Rebekah liked Pocahontas.  I was able to borrow some Lincoln Logs from my sister-in-law, so we built our own version of Jamestown.  I also bought some Jamestown figurines from Hobby Lobby (go to their website for a coupon).  Once Caleb figured out how to build with them, he loved it.  He is definitely a perfectionist!

My mom gave me a Better Homes & Gardens Heritage Cookbook a while ago.  I finally got around to looking at it, and it had ton's of recipes from long ago in it!  I'm so glad I looked at it when I did.  We tried Johnny Cakes for breakfast one morning (basically a corn pancake).  They were okay, but I don't think I'll make them again.

Here is Caleb's history page about Jamestown.  I required him to write 3 sentences, but I did write it first and then let him copy it.  I really love his picture of Jamestown.  You can see his cannon balls being fired at each corner of the fort, and that square on the top is a cornfield.

And here is the page he did about the Tall Ship Festival we went to last week.  He really wanted to picture of the cannon.  (I've noticed a theme here!)

Here are the books we looked at, as well as a movie about Pocahontas.  We also read aloud the book Squanto Friend of the Pilgrims by Clyde Robert Bulla.  MFW schedules this book as a read aloud for 3 weeks, but one chapter a day is not enough for my kids.  They were begging me every time to read more, so we went ahead and finished the whole thing this week!

In our bible time, we've been talking about the name of Jesus.  We've read several scriptures about his name, and then did this craft shown below.  It's crayon shavings melted between wax paper. The kids like it, but I had a hard time shaving crayons with a knife!

Math and spelling went well this week.  We've moved on from addition to subtraction in math, but we're still doing flashcards every day so he gets his math facts memorized.  He's been doing 1 lesson a day.  Below is just a picture of him working on math while Rebekah paints. 

For science, we've been learning about air.  Below is Caleb's picture of our experiment we did.  We talked about how air pushes on everything.

Here is the nature journal page Caleb did.  It was a cloudy morning, so instead of going for a nature walk, I had them draw a picture of the sky.  (That's our duplex too!)

The best science activity happened with daddy this weekend!  Our lawn mower bit the dust, so daddy took it apart to show Caleb how it worked.  Here I snapped a picture of him showing them a video about a small engine.  Caleb kept running in the house to update me on the progress of tearing it apart.  He's been "mowing" the lawn ever since with the mower - minus the engine!

And lastly for Caleb, here is one of his art pages.

Now for Rebekah.  She was really excited to start her "real" school!  The last two weeks have been an introduction to school, learning about creation, and reviewing her letters.  This week we started learning about the letter S and the sun.  Our bible words were: Jesus is the light of the world.  Here is a picture of all her worksheets and projects.

We also made a sundial.  But...we forgot to check it later and it got blown over and rained on...

And we've read a couple books about the sun.

That's all for week 3.  I'm already off the Mon through Fri week, so I'll just be posting our week as we finish them, no matter what the day is.  I just do the next day in the curriculum if we get off instead of trying to catch up.  That's why I start early!  (We missed a day because my husband surprised me with a night in a bed & breakfast for our anniversary!)

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