Friday, August 16, 2013

MFW Adventures & K, Week 2

Hello again.  Welcome to week 2 of MFW Adventures and K.  Above is Caleb working on handwriting while Rebekah matches upper and lower case letter cards.  You can see below that we took our school outside this week.  Rebekah is matching the letter cards again.  Upper case on one side of the driveway and lower case on the other.  Caleb is practicing lower case "b" and "d", which is mixed up on his spelling test.  I wrote several words on index cards and had him match them to the right letter (I made him flip them upside down so that he couldn't just match what they looked like).  

In math, Caleb is cruising right along.  We got to addition, which is a bit harder for him.  Well, not really, he just thinks it is and gets frustrated when he doesn't get everything right on the first try.  So, we've only been doing one lesson a day this week instead of two.  Here's one of his pages:

Learning about Christopher Columbus was great fun, especially learning about the ships!  Below is his notebook page.  He REALLY doesn't like writing...  I'm trying to ease him back into it gently, but he's driving me crazy!  I'm getting worried about starting our English curriculum.  Right now we're working on handwriting first.

All the kids loved making tin foil boats and sailing them from Spain to America (aka the bathtub).

I heard on the radio that there was going to be a Tall Ship Festival not too terribly far from us, so I declared Friday as field trip day!  We got to tour 3 ships, one was 200 years old!  We wanted to see more, but the lines got too long and Joshua got too cranky!  I plan on having them make a scrapbook page for their history notebooks.

Here are some of the books we read (and one DVD).  I have to say that I didn't like Pedro's Journal very much, and we ended up not quite finishing it because it got difficult.  Before you read it, you should know that Columbus steals several Native people, and is generally written as greedy, selfish, and cranky.  He may have really been like that, but my kids had a hard time with him also praying to God.  The kids couldn't connect the different behaviors.

Art went okay this week.  We spent most of the week practicing people, which they didn't like much.  Rebekah actually didn't do much.  I looked ahead though, and I think next week will be a little better.

Rebekah finished her creation book and poster this week.  We finished on Tuesday and spent the rest of the week reviewing her letters.  She's doing a great job.  She can't wait to start with the "real" school.  She really wants to learn to read!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful week! What fun to go see those ships!!! We had a hard time the first couple weeks with writing summaries too…but eventually she got to know what was expected of her and it wasn't as much of a fight. The same with math…she was used to knowing all the answers immediately and when things got tougher she was taken aback. I explained to her that she's blessed that so many things come easily to her and that when things are hard, she just has to work hard at them. Have a great year with Adventures!!

    1. Glad to hear my son isn't the only one that struggles. I wish you a great school year too!

  2. We are also doing MFW Adventures and MFW Kindergarten this year. I came across your blog while looking up MFW Adventures stuff on Pinterest. You are 1 week ahead of me, so I am sure I will be stopping by regularly to see if you have any good ideas!! :)

    1. Welcome Amanda. You may be passing us up though. We took a day off last week, and I'm sure we'll be taking other random days off. Plus, I'll be having a baby in Dec, so we'll take lots of time then!


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