Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Is it a skirt?  Is it shorts?  Or is it both?  Have you ever heard of culottes?  (Yes, I had to look up how to spell that!)  A lady at church asked me if I could make her some denim culottes.  I was skeptical that I could do it, but I'm happy to say it was successful!

Here it is all stretched out.  It's meant to look like a skirt, but it's actually shorts.  Below is a bad picture of the original pair of culottes.  And below that is what I made the new pair out of, 2 denim skirts from Goodwill.  I thought I'd have to take apart the old pair, but I was able to stretch it out and trace it.  It's actually 4 identical pieces of fabric, sewn just like a pair of pants would be.  Then I made a pleat in the front and back and then finished the elastic waistband.  A warning if you try it: before you put in the elastic, it looks like it's made for someone twice your size!  I was really worried about it, but once the elastic was in, it looked great!

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