Monday, October 10, 2011

Bunk Bed Tent

I finally found something I could make for my son, Caleb!  I found this tutorial on a lemon squeezy home, but I followed it very loosely.  The blue fabric is actually a queen size sheet that I found at Goodwill that didn't fit on my bed like it was supposed to.  I bought 1 yard of rescue truck fabric from Hancock's to add some fun for my son.  Because our bunk bed has a full size bed on the bottom, I had to make the shape a little different than the tutorial's plain square one, but it wasn't hard at all.  I wish I would have made it a little longer though so it would fit better around the frame.  After cutting out the windows and door, I used bias tape around the blue sheet (you can see the green on the window), then I sewed a flap of rescue fabric to the top of the openings.  I added velcro to the door and windows so they can be left open.  For the ties, I used strips of fabric with velcro.  I think I may go back and add a few more ties, you can see that it's a little droopy, especially the window area.  My son loves it, and I was happy to make something special for him!


  1. You did a great job! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Christie (aLSH)

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