Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nn - Nest Homeschool Highlights in MFW

First of all, I am so thankful for this curriculum, My Father's World.  It has already been such a blessing to our family.  Not only are my children learning God's principles, but I am learning so much right along with them.  We all need to be reminded that we are lights to the world, that we need to live and grow in Jesus, and that we need to have the fruit of the Spirit working in our lives.  I now have the fruit of the Spirit memorized and have been praying about seeing more of them in my own life, as well as in my children.  How amazing this journey has been!  How awesome God is!

We just finished lesson 5, Nn Nest.  Our bible words for this week were "God takes good care of me".  We learned about bird nests, and other animal homes, and how God takes care of us like he takes care of all His creation.  Here we are gathering supplies to make our own bird nests out of grass clippings and mud.

We also made chocolate birds nest, with giant marshmallow eggs!

We start each day with our calendar, and then add a number to our 100 chart.  Here's Caleb counting our popsicle sticks, both kids have really learned how to count much better these past few weeks.  They get excited about counting, and several times a day I have to stop and listen to them count to whatever number is on their hearts.  In the car the other day Caleb counted to 72!  (with just a little help). 

Here we made trees with nest full of blue eggs.  We used torn pieces of paper for the leaves.

Here are our lap books this week, the Nancy N on the cover, the Animal Homes book, and the cards all came from DTLK.  Caleb is really getting good at his writing, and you can see that Rebekah likes to write the H on the end of her name!

Here are the books we read.  Today was literature day, and we read "Are You My Mother?"  My kids really liked the book, but then we tried to retell the story and make our own illustrations, which did not go well at all.  Oh well.  The weather has been gorgeous, so at least we were able to read outside a few days!

Remember our grapes from week 1?  They finally turned into raisins!  It took about 6 weeks, but they were in a windowsill that only got a few hours of afternoon sun, and they were inside the whole time.  The kids were sad that they couldn't eat them.


  1. The chocolate bird nests look yummy!

  2. I'm really enjoying reading your MFW posts. Thank you for taking the time to get pictures & post about this each week.

    Your torn paper trees are adorable, and I love all of your other hands-on projects as well!

    If you don't mind me asking, how old are your children? I'm trying to decide if I should try MFW next year with my oldest - who will be almost 5 - or if I should wait until the following year when my boys will be almost 6 and just-turned 4.

  3. Dawn, thank you for your kind words. Caleb actually turns 5 this week, and Rebekah recently turned 3. MFW has been perfect for Caleb! I chose to go ahead and start K because it seemed like he was ready to start learning how to read, and he met all MFW's recommendations for K. Rebekah has been doing everything with us. She doesn't remember all the letter sounds, and can't do the handwriting as good, but she's trying and learning a lot with her brother. She's been able to do all the science, bible, crafts, etc. with no problems. I am not pushing her to do anything. I started this year knowing that I might have to take it more slowly than recommended, but so far we haven't had to. Although, this week we are starting to blend letter sounds, we'll see how it goes. Next year, Rebekah will probably move on to 1st with Caleb, but I'll redo the phonics from K with her to make sure she gets it.

  4. Looks like you had a full week! We made the chocolate bird nests this week, too, in Exploration to 1850. They really taste good, too!

  5. I didn't know bird nests could be so yummy! Thanks for linking up and sharing your week!


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