Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Diaper Bag

Here is my new diaper bag, I made it myself!  I'm so proud of this bag, I even made my own piping!  I found the tutorial on Warehouse Fabrics, Inc. after scouring the web for a good diaper bag.  This bag is big and has lots of pockets!  It wasn't hard to sew at all, but it takes time to cut out all the pieces, iron, and making sure every step is followed in the right order.  All my fabric came from JoAnn's and is home decor fabric.  I spent about $50 on all the supplies (and that's with several coupons!), but since this is baby #3, there really isn't much for me to splurge on! 

As far as the tutorial, it was very easy to follow.  However, I found that I needed 1 1/2 yards of the lining #1 fabric, and only 1 yard of fusible fleece, not 2 (maybe her fleece was not as wide as what I found).  Then, I had two extra pieces that were not needed that she had me cut out, they were the bag sides, exterior, lining fabric #1.  This could be the reason I used more fabric than called for originally.  Lastly, make sure you get interfacing that is fusible, mine was not, and I spent a lot of time adding steam-a-seam!

Both sides of the bag have 2 large pockets on them.  Inside, there is a main divider to keep things tidy.  One side of the divider is lined with elastic pockets, there are enough to hold 6 bottles and then a larger elastic pocket to hold whatever I need.  I don't ever plan on carrying 6 bottles with me, but the option is nice, and I can always fill them with other things, like diaper cream.  The other side of the divider also has pockets, but not with elastic.  I made two small enough to hold pens so I won't have to rummage around the bottom of the bag to find them.  

Here it is with a few things stuffed inside.  

Won't I look cute!  I plan on making some accessories to match: a diaper/wipes case, a pacifier pouch, a wet bag for dirty clothes, and a nursing cover.


  1. ADORABLE!! Super jealous, wish I could make one myself.

  2. I love the diaper bag. I also love that shirt you are wearing!


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