Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pleasures of a Petting Zoo

We decided to try out a small zoo near our house this weekend when Grandma came to visit us.  I was surprised that both of my kids wanted to hold bunnies!  They are both usually scared of animals, you know, those kids that scream when a dog comes near them, even if it's on a leash!  They enjoyed the bunnies though, and Caleb loved petting a baby deer.  He was a little scared of the baby goats though...

And then we saw this amazing pig.  It was the biggest pig I've ever seen, I had to take a picture.  It was about waist high when it stood up!!!

I'm working on a sewing project right now, hopefully I'll be able to share soon (if the kids cooperate so I can have some sewing time).  In the mean time, I'd love to see you over on my facebook page!

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