Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yy Yellow Homeschool Highlights in MFW

Studying colors was a great way to end the school year!  This was Yy yellow week, with the bible words as "Thank you, God, for this beautiful world."  This week would have been a perfect opportunity to let the kids paint, except we were completely out of red.  Since you can't mix colors without red, I changed the plan to frosting!!!  The kids didn't mind...  The first day I had them mix them and fill out a color sheet to show what happened (see the lap books below).  Then they spread it on graham crackers any way they wanted.

On day 4, we were supposed to make a paper rainbow, but Joshua wasn't cooperating, so I just got out the left over frosting and had them spread one cracker with each color, then I taught them the correct order of the colors in a rainbow.

I found some cheap color by number books that made a perfect last day of school gift.

Here's all our books.  I highly recommend One by Kathryn Otoshi.  It is about bullying and standing up for yourself and others.  We talked about not picking on your sister!!!

The color wheel in our lap books:

As a tactile activity they glued bits of yarn to make Y's.

For day 3, the teacher's manual suggested going on a color search, so I let the kids take the camera around the house to take pictures of yellow things.  They loved getting to use the camera!

Well, this is the end of Kindergarten!  Here is our finished lap books, I had to get bigger binders half way through the year.  It's going to be such a good keepsake for us to look back at!

Our finished caterpillar under the kitchen counter.  I don't remember where I printed these from, or I would post the link for you.  (If you know, leave the link in the comments.)

ETA: Thank you to Dawn at Our Little Monkeys for posting the link to the caterpillar on Training Them Up.

Daddy took a day off of work and we celebrated the end of the school year with some Chuck E Cheese fun!



  1. What a great year you've had! The frosting sounds like a yummy Colorado activity, even if it was a backup plan.

    The caterpillar is from - we recently printed out to use in the fall.

    Thank you so much for faithfully sharing your year. Enjoy a wonderful summer!

    1. Thank you Dawn, I updated my post. I hope you enjoy your summer too!


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