Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Joy

We went for a walk to day and found some daisies growing, the kids were so excited to pick a bouquet.  They are pretty, but honestly, I think they smell like stinky feet!  So, they've been banned to the outside.  I just love the beautiful summer weather we've been having!  And look what Joshua learned how to do!!!  I love him!

This weekend we were able to go swimming, what do you think of our pool???  Ha!  Someone gave this to Rebekah for her birthday.  The picture on the box shows 3 kids her size with plenty of room for their legs!  Can we say false advertising???  It was pretty funny though!  Our old pool was one of those hard blue plastic ones, it was much bigger, but it blew away in a big storm last year and we couldn't find it...  Guess we'll have to get a bigger one!

Joshua's not sure he likes this pool either.

Are you busy making summer memories?  Please share what you're up to on my facebook page!

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