Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Shower Card

I attended a beautiful bridal shower this weekend.  Of course, I completely forgot about a card, so I had to make one in 5 minutes.  I thought I remembered that her invitation was purple so I grabbed some purple paper.  (Oops, her color was yellow!)  I had an adorable thank you card tacked up on my pin board, it looked just like this one, except it was on teal paper.  I pealed the beautiful white embossed paper and ribbon off of my thank you card and glued it to my purple paper.  (The thank you card had been pinned on my board for several months, so I didn't feel bad taking it apart.)  I used a fancy scissors and cut out an oval, stamping the words "God Bless" on it.  That's it.  Congratulations to the bride to be!

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