Saturday, June 2, 2012

Qq Quail Homeschool Highlights in MFW

This was Qq quail week.  Our bible words were "I don't grumble or complain.  I am thankful."  Wow, did we need these words this week!  We've had a lot of complaining around here...  We were able to get out to the nature center and do a little bird watching.  We saw a woodpecker just like the one in the book shown below, that was neat.

We also did an experiment with paper feathers.  One we spread with oil before putting drops of water on them, which showed us how a real bird feathers repel water so the birds stay dry.  (I forgot to take a picture, sorry)

The quilt color pages were found here: Block Central.  I thought they'd color each individual piece, like a quilt, but they only wanted to color the whole blocks, and Caleb really wanted to get out side to play...

Rebekah slept late one morning, so I took the opportunity to play with the cuisenaire rods with Caleb.  The first picture is a long neck dinosaur, and the second is our T-Rex.  

Joshua played with us too!

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