Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Homeschool Space

I have spent the last several days getting ready to start homeschooling!  Caleb will be starting kindergarten!  The curriculum I chose is called My Father's World.  It's a bible based curriculum, with a very hands on approach.  We will be doing most of our school at the dining room table.  I have a large bookshelf in the dining room and am using the top 3 shelves to hold all of our stuff.  The bottom two shelves are for the kids books.

The above picture is the close up of the top shelf.  On the left are some random workbooks (the cheap dollar store variety), then boxes for our picture cards, a number cup, and our 100 cup.  Next is a box of random school stuff for me to use (like labels, note cards, etc.), followed by our butterfly garden, ant farm, and a number game. 

The middle shelf is for all of our art supplies!  The draws hold paint, stickers, glue, colored pencils, and other random craft things.  On top of them is construction paper, coloring books, and our textured letter puzzle.  On the left is a new bible (Hands on Bible), and our lap book binders (see picture below).  We will be using a folder for each letter, and creating a keepsake of all the work we do.  I'm sure you'll see pictures in the future.

Our last shelf has art sets, a letter book, new markers, their daily school boxes, and our tactile activities (beans, a salt tray, and letter cookie cutters).  

The other side of our patio door holds a day of the week sign and a weather chart.

This is my file box that houses all of our worksheets, flashcards, and teachers manual.  It currently lives under the computer desk and makes a nice footrest. 

An overall picture of our dining room.  Yes, that is what's left of my kids dinner on the table, and it's still sitting there while I type this!  I just learned a great tip today as well.  I can use dry erase markers or chalk markers on my patio door to transform it into a dry erase board!  I'm super excited about this because there is just no room to hang a white board in our school area.  So, tell me what you think!

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  1. Very cool! It looks like there will be many fun projects ahead!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Your room looks very similar to mine as far as how the space is set up with the patio door etc. I like your day of the week and weather charts...just might have to get those. We are doing MFW K and 1st this year and will be starting in a few weeks. Have a fun year!


  3. Kim, the day of the week and weather charts came from the dollar store! Although I bought the day of the week one last year, so I don't know if they'll have it still. I hope you have a fun year too!

  4. You have done an awesome job of schooling in a small space. I really love how organized you are! Your file system is great, I am going to have to take some tips from you!!

  5. I would agree that you're doing a great job with a small space. It's tricky trying to live & school in the same small quarters, but you make it look pretty easy :)


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