Sunday, September 15, 2013

Canning Tomato Sauce - The Super Easy Way!

I recently posted about how Canning Tomato Sauce is hard work.  My friends, I have found a much easier way!!!  No blanching and no peeling skin!  How can this be?  I used the blender!!! Here's what I did: wash tomatoes and cut off the top, give it a squeeze over the sink to get rid of some of the juice and seeds, then throw it in the blender.  Don't peel, just throw it in.

Then puree it!  The skins puree down to little bitty pieces that I can deal with.

Pour it from the blender into a pot and simmer it until it's thick.  It will be foamy from the blending, but after simmering for a little while, all that foam disappears.

Here it is reduced into sauce.  Doesn't it look amazing!  When I did sauce the other day, it still seemed chunky, so I ended up blending it at that point anyway.  This time it was perfect.

I followed the same directions as before for canning the sauce (see Canning Tomato Sauce).

That's it, so simple!

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  1. Oo, awesome! I've just started canning, so I may have to try this! :)


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