Friday, September 27, 2013

Week 7, MFW Adventures & K

This week we took a little mini family vacation!  We spent a night in our states capital, saw the zoo and toured the capital building.  Here are my three munchkins enjoying lunch together on our trip.

The rest of the week was pretty normal.  Below is Caleb's English copy work, he did a much better job with his handwriting!

And he's doing great at spelling!  It really made a difference to have him write the words when he was reviewing them.  Usually he uses a salt tray!

We found a new park that had a few small trails for our nature walk this week.  Caleb found two different acorns on the ground, so we picked them up.  We found two different types of oak leaves and did rubbings of them after comparing them.  The weather has been beautiful here!

For our bible time, we continued to learn how Jesus is the bread of life.  The kids made a napkin holder that looks like bread.  Caleb wrote Jesus is the bread of life on the side, but it's hard to see in the picture.

Science was still about yeast and bread, so of course we made bread!  Caleb really liked kneading the dough!

Here's our finished loaf!  The kids each made a small roll so they could taste their bread.  We wrapped the loaf up and took it to our neighbor with a copy of our bible verse.

We continued learning about pilgrims also, but this week we learned about the French that settled in Detroit.  We made birch bark canoes like the Indians made.

And a few books!  There is also a Johnny Appleseed book that we read for Rebekah's Kindergarten.  She finished up the Apple unit and started the Nest unit this week.  I'll post more about the nest unit next week!

But here is her apple tree painting.  We put a copy of a little poem in the corner (that was in our curriculum).

And just in case it seems like my kids are always behaved and every school day is perfect, here's a picture from a few days ago.  Caleb had a VERY bad attitude about everything, so he wrote sentences before we ever started school that day.

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