Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 6, MFW Adventures & K

We've continued our studies of Pilgrims by studying the Dutch settlers that came to New York (or rather New Amsterdam).  They brought livestock with them, so they were able to have milk and butter!  We visited a dairy bottling factory and tasted some chocolate milk (thankfully they also bottled lemonade so Rebekah could have a treat).  Below are their drawings of how milk gets to us. Caleb's is on top and Rebekah's is on the bottom.  They copied what I drew...

Here's Caleb shaking our homemade butter in a jar!  It seems like it takes forever, and then all of a sudden it turns into butter!

Here it is.  Caleb said it was the best butter he ever tasted!

Our science fit nicely with our history this week as well.  We learned about yeast and bread making.  Below is an experiment we did.  We filled the bottle with warm water, yeast, and sugar, and then watched it blow up the balloon.

They drew a picture.

The next day we filled the bottle with warm water, yeast, and salt...  Nothing happened.

And here is Caleb's picture.

A few of our book basket books:

We read The Courage of Sarah Noble as our read aloud.  As usual, we read it much faster than scheduled!  I heard that a lot of kids don't like this book, but mine loved it, especially Rebekah.

I also found this book at the library.  Caleb made a paper ship, and we made a colonial toy.  See the plastic cup with yarn and a tin foil ball?  (Ours aren't exactly authentic!)  They are supposed to get the ball in the cup.  We made 3 so even Joshua could play.  They were even a big hit the next day at a family birthday party!

Our scripture verse fit perfectly with history too!  "Jesus is the bread of life..."  John 6:35.  Below is a picture of both of our Names of Jesus posters.  Every time we learn a new name of Jesus and scripture, they will add it to their posters.

Spelling and English went well this week.  I didn't take any pictures though.  Math was our struggle a few days!  We have come to harder subtraction, which doesn't come easily to Caleb, causing screaming fits...  I realize that part of the problem has been that his math facts aren't memorized yet, so we've been working really hard on them lately.  I searched Pinterest for some practice ideas other than the flashcards.  I found this clothes pin activity, which he actually really loves!  I wrote the addition problem on the clothes pin and he has to clip it to the correct number.  There is a problem on both sides, so he only has to do half of the problems each time.

I also pulled out a game I used last year for reading practice.  Instead of reading words now, he is doing his 10 math facts.

Rebekah's week was spent learning about apples!  It just so happened that my in-laws dropped off LOTS of apples from their apple trees this week, perfect timing!  We've had apples to eat raw, apple fritters, apple muffins, apple butter, applesauce many different ways, fried apples, and of course apple pie!

Here are her books this week:

And here I am helping Caleb roll out the pie crust while Rebekah fills her pie crust with apples. They really enjoyed making the pies, I may have had a hard time doing it with them...  let's just say maybe God needed me to work on patience!  We gave one pie to Grandpa for his birthday and ate the rest at our family birthday party, they were yummy!

And lastly, I snapped a picture of Rebekah's number chart and cup.  At the beginning of the year she had a hard time counting 13 and 14, but I think she's finally got it!

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