Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 4, MFW Adventures & K

Another week completed!  This week we learned about Native Americans.  We made paper wigwams and paper tepees.  I bought another set of figurines from Hobby Lobby, the Powhatan Indians, which were a big hit!  Below are the books we read.  We LOVED Naya Nuki!  I did choose to skip a few paragraphs in chapter 8 because it was a burial scene that seemed a bit too much for my kids.  We read a book about Native Americans that came with our curriculum too, but I didn't snap a picture of it.  There was no history journal page for this week.  I considered having them make their own, but we never got around to it...

This is Caleb's nature journal page.  We didn't have time to go anywhere special, so I sent them outside to find some bugs.  It was a bigger hit than I expected.  We also learned about the moon, space, and gravity this week.

Caleb still likes spelling.  I've found that just doing the workbook is not enough for him to remember the words.  We've been doing part A on the first day and part B on the second day.  On the third day I find a creative way for him to practice the words before taking the spelling test on the fourth day.  I've had him write them with chalk (but he doesn't like writing), spelling the words using an alphabet puzzle (with a couple added magnet letters), and this week I wrote all the words on index cards which I cut in half to make puzzles.  So far, this extra practice is helping!  He only missed one word this week, but that's because he couldn't remember right away and refused to try...

We've been memorizing John 8:12, which says "...I am the light of the world..."  We made light switch covers to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world.  Rebekah's has the R on it!

For Kindergarten, Rebekah has been learning about the moon.  I love how both kids were learning about God's light, and how we reflect Him.  Here are a few of her papers and books from this week:

MFW recommends making badges every week for the kids to wear.  Instead of wearing them, Rebekah is gluing them to a big paper.

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