Friday, September 20, 2013

Rebekah's Princess Birthday Party

Rebekah wanted a Princess Tea Party for her birthday this year.  It was the first one we've ever done with friends, and it turned out cute.  We decorated with dollar store plates, napkins, and a pink table cloth.  We made paper flowers for the table, and Rebekah hung balloons everywhere. She even decorated the couches by putting the birthday napkins on the arms!

Everyone's favorite activity was decorating sparkly notebooks.  I bought the notebooks at Walmart, and the girls used glitter glue and jewels to decorate them.  They also made more paper flowers and played baby dolls.

And here is Rebekah blowing out the candle on her cupcake tower.  She requested cupcakes with pink frosting and a white crown.  I used royal icing to make white crowns and let them get hard for about 5 days.  They were definitely the kids favorite part!

For the icing, I blended up some freeze dried berries and used that in place of red food coloring. We've been trying to stay away from food dyes, and this worked out very well!  Here's a close up.

My baby girl is 5 now!


  1. Awesome, Casey! :) And... happy birthday, Miss Rebekah!

  2. Great pictures from the party. We will also be celebrating our daughter’s birthday this weekend. I was hoping to have a quiet home party as we don’t have many relatives in town. But our girl wants to invite all her friends so we had to comply with the birthday girl’s wishes. Found a great deal at one of the home studios NYC for a spacious party space.

    1. I'm sure she'll have a wonderful party!


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