Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week 5, MFW Adventures & K

I can't believe we've already finished 5 weeks of school!  It's been going very well so far, with only a few road bumps (or shall we say screaming fits...).  Joshua has been "doing school" every day too.  Above he is playing with some foam puzzles.  I've also been taping a piece of paper to the table and giving him crayons or a pencil to color with, he really likes it for about 2 minutes!  I keep rotating his activities, and read him books while the big kids are busy working.  And he also gets lots of snacks!  In the mornings while Joshua is awake, we usually can get through bible and art together, all of Rebekah's kindergarten and Caleb's spelling, english, and math.  Caleb and Rebekah can usually work at the same time, I just explain things back and forth to each.  Then the afternoons are for history, reading aloud, and science.  

For bible time, we've still been learning that "Jesus is the light of the world".  Both kids have memorized John 8:12.  They made these window hangers with crayon shavings.

For history, we learned about the Pilgrims that came on the Mayflower.  Above is Caleb's version of their settlement and below is Rebekah's.

Below, they are covering a paper with oil.  The Pilgrims used oil paper windows in their houses. We compared ours with a regular piece of paper.  The oil paper lets in more light and is more waterproof.

We also planted corn in an old cottage cheese container, just like the Pilgrims planted.  We even put 3 fish in it (made out of paper).  After about 4 days, nothing is happening...  oh well, they thought it was fun.

And below are the books we read.  We really liked the three books on the top.  They told what daily life would have been like back then.  And we had a family movie night to watch the movie!  I love when I can combine family time and school time!

Below, Caleb is using a bin of salt to practice writing his spelling words.  It must have really helped him remember them, because he got his first 100% on his spelling test (see the next pic).

Caleb started English this week (before we were just practicing handwriting).  I was a little nervous about starting because that meant more reading and writing, which he usually hates.  I was pleasantly surprised.  We are using Primary Language Lessons for our curriculum.  The picture below is what he copied out of the book.  Notice some letters are capital, some are big, some are tiny...  I decided I needed to have him use special handwriting paper!

I love this one!  Below is the exact same passage, but I read him the passage and he wrote it down without looking at the book.  I love how he wrote squirrel!

And lastly for Caleb, is one of his art papers from this week.

Rebekah loves doing school.  She finished up Ll Leaf this week.  Here she is painting the outlines of some leaves that we collected.  She made a book out of her paintings (see next pic).

And here are a few pictures of her school pages.  (Those are lentils on her letter Ls).

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  1. So awesome, Casey! I love how Caleb wrote while you read the sentences to him- cool idea! (Must try!) I always enjoy seeing your school weeks... so much inspiration! Hehe, we have some of the same pilgrims books at our house right now... do you have a teacher library card? I got one last week = awesome! (No late fees!) Give Caleb and Rebekah a high five from me and tell them to keep up the good work! :)

    1. Thank you Ashley. Having him write while I'm reading them to him is called dictation, it's a really good skill for them to learn! And I do have a teacher card for the library, I'm sure it's saved me $100 so far!


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