Saturday, February 19, 2011

Boys Reversible Vest

Look how handsome my son is in his new vest!  I have been waiting to post this, our internet has not been working for the last few days.  A new wireless modem fixed that, and now I can use my iPod for more than just music when I'm at home!  Back to the vest.  This is the second one I made.  The first one ended up being too small, which was very sad!   Then I over corrected and made the second one too big, requiring me to sew the side seams, rendering it not reversible.  I didn't care for the blue side anyway.  Both of them were made out of a pair of my husbands dress pants and one of his button down shirts.  I followed the tutorial at Make it & Love it, she has several other tutorials for re-purposing clothes, I just love her site!

You can see my seams on the side that weren't meant to be there, oops.  The blue shirt material was really thin, and it was hard to work with.  Next time I will make sure my material is a little thicker, plus the plaid really hides your mistakes and crooked sewing lines!  The too small vest is below, I think it's much cuter.  I was very impressed with myself for making such good button holes though!  


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  1. You make me want to sew! Those vests are too cute.


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