Friday, February 11, 2011

Fabric Flower Hair Clip and Stuffed Animal Hospital

This flower hair clip is made from only circles!  After making the khaki skirt shown below, I cut circles out of the scraps, freehand.  Then I sewed around each circle, 1/4 inch from the edge.  I got lucky at this point, because while sewing around the edge (initially just to prevent fraying), the thread tension must have been too tight, which caused the circles to curl.  Then I laid the circles on top of each other and stitched them together.  The top circle didn't curl as much as I would have liked, I think it's because I sewed the edge much slower on that one so the thread didn't pull.  To make the button sewing easier, I sewed it onto only the top circle first and then sewed that top circle to the rest of my stack.  What do you think?

This khaki skirt is made from a pair of corduroy pants.  It is just below the knee in length with a frayed hemline.  

Lastly, I had an animal hospital yesterday with my kids.  We had an injured deer and a teddy bear that split it's seams.  I just sewed them up with a whip stitch, the fuzziness of the fabric hid the stitches.  Here's the pics:

All Better!

All Better!

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  1. I had a question on the hair did you attatch the flower to the hair clip, and what kind of hair clip did you use?

    It is so adorable...I want to try making some!!!


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