Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maternity Shirt Makeovers

On this shirt I added a piece of black knit fabric to raise the neck line to a less revealing level .  I also added some elastic to the sides (see below).  The shirt seemed a little too tent-like, so I thought adding elastic on the sides would bring it in and make it a little more fitting.  It looks okay, I probably should have used smaller elastic, and I ended up having to use two pieces because it wasn't gathered enough.

This last shirt had a collar, which would make you think there would be buttons, but it was wide open.  Why do they make every maternity shirt low cut?  Back to the shirt.  I tried to sew button holes, but the fabric was too thick, so I just sewed it closed and then hand sewed three buttons on it.  I think it looks good now.  I have one more shirt that needs this button treatment, but I was tired of hand sewing buttons, it's my least favorite thing to do!


  1. i enjoyed reading your blog today! your morning board below looks perfect!


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