Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rag Dolls (Like the Pioneers)

We went to a Pioneer Days Festival this weekend, and the kids learned how to make rag dolls.  They liked the one they made there, but wanted a whole family, so I pulled out my bags of scraps and we made families of dolls.  The family above is Caleb's, complete with a mom, dad, brother, and baby boy.  Rebekah's family is at the end, complete with a mom, dad, sister, and baby girl!  Scroll down to see how we made them.   Start with two scraps, the large one is approximately a foot long, by maybe 3 inches.  The second piece is about 1 inch by 4 inches.  Your pieces to do not have to be exact.  The bigger/smaller you make your pieces, the bigger/smaller your doll will be.  You will also need 4-6 pieces of yarn or string, about 4 inches long. 

Fold the large piece in half.

Gather the fabric together about 1 inch from the folded edge and tie a string around it.  Then trim the ends of the string.  

Lift up the top layer of fabric and place your small piece of fabric inside as shown.  Pull the top fabric back down, and tie a string around it to form the waist of your doll.  See next picture.

Tie a piece of sting on the end of each arm to form wrists.  Cut all the ends of the yarn, and you are finished with your girl doll.  To make a boy doll, keep reading.  

For a boy, cut a slit in the skirt to form legs as shown.  Tie a string on the ends of each leg to make ankles.

Your boy doll is finished.  

Rebekah's rag doll family:  

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