Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Button-On Hand Towel

This is what I found in the bathroom EVERY time I went in there.  It seems that my kids cannot dry their hands on a towel without throwing it on the floor.  I was tired of it!  I actually have been tired of it for months, and I had this idea quite a while ago, but finally got around to making it.  I decided to put button holes in my towels and sew on a couple buttons.  This way the towel can't just be pulled off the bar!  Genius, I tell you!  I've had this towel in the bathroom for 3 days and I haven't had to bend over once to pick it up off the floor (pregnant ladies really don't like to bend over!).  I know I probably should have made them pick it up, but nagging doesn't get me very far, and I don't have the energy to discipline over a towel...  Here it is:

I just used the button hole foot on my sewing machine.  The towel was a little thick, so I had to push the fabric through the machine.  It was a bit difficult, but not as frustrating as the towels on the floor every day!

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  1. Amazing yet simple! I love it...great thinking!

  2. ~ face palm~ This is one of the simplest problem solvers, ever & I've been using fixed towels in the kitchen - so how is it, that I NEVER.thought of using the concept in the bathroom? Lol, thanks for a great idea update!

  3. awesome idea!


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