Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Up-cycled T-Shirt Dress

Here is T-shirt dress #2 I made for Rebekah yesterday.  (See yesterdays here.)  She loves this one better than the purple one from yesterday, although I like the purple one.  I started with a size 6 blue long sleeve t-shirt and a size 4 yellow polo dress that was way too short.

I cut the top off the polo dress for the skirt.  I just sewed the shirt and skirt together and had a dress!  I think the waistband is a bit too low for her, but she loves it the way it is, so I didn't change it.

I gathered a bit of fabric at the neck and added a button to make it a bit more dressy. For the gather, I just sewed a straight stitch right down the middle of the shirt for about 3 inches and then pulled the thread tight. Very simple!

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  1. I love how you've added the gathering and the button... looks very effective


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