Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week 8, MFW Adventures & K

Last week we learned about yeast and bread.  I was able to schedule a tour of our local Great Harvest Bread Co for this week, and we had a great time.  The kids each got to make a loaf of bread, which they were very proud of!

We learned about Benjamin Franklin, as well as more about the colonial time period.  Above is Caleb's history notebook.  I really love his picture!  He even included the electricity coming down the kite string and the bottle Franklin used.   Below is Rebekah's picture.  That large man looking thing on the right is Franklin.

We made our own little almanac.  We found out that one of daddy's favorite sayings was from Franklin, "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise".

The Felicity American Girl Books were recommended this week to get a glimpse into the time period. We've read all the books in the past, so I decided to play the movie for them instead. We had a tea party while we watched. I don't think peanut butter popcorn was very appropriate for the time period, but it was yummy!

I took all our books back to the library before I took a picture, oops!  Below is a picture of Caleb's dictation paper.  He REALLY doesn't like to write as I read it to him (he's not a huge fan of writing anything that resembles a sentence).  I think it's mostly because he know's he'll probably make a mistake.  I get tired of hearing how it's "too hard".  But once the fit is over and he realizes that he has to do it no matter what, he actually does a decent job.  For some reason, he thinks 6 year olds should not make mistakes...

Spelling and math were normal this week, nothing too exciting.  It looks like Caleb is going to finish Singapore 1A during week 10!  We also started learning about the Russian composer Tchaikovsky.  We all really enjoyed listening to the first half of this CD.  I let the kids color while it was playing so they wouldn't get restless.  We'll be learning about his ballets, the Nutcracker and Swan Lake.

And what school week would be complete without a garbage truck?  We waited outside for 30 minutes to see this truck.  Of course, he was much later than normal!  The kids also had a DVD from the library about trucks, which included an episode about garbage trucks.  (This part of school was completely spontaneous).

Rebekah has been learning the letter N is for nest.  Below is a tree picture with a nest of robin eggs.

And a few of her papers.  I like her drawings.  1 is a bird nest, 2 is numbers, 3 is a bowl of noodles, and 4 is a net, complete with a boat and fish.

We also made bird nests out of chow mien noodles, chocolate and peanut butter.  The kids squished some blue tootsie rolls into egg shapes too, but they ate them before I got a picture.

Those are our highlights from week 8!  I'm also linking up with:


  1. Looks like you had a very busy and productive week. As a music teacher, I'm glad they're learning about Tchaikovsky, too! I'm glad to find your blog on the hop!

    1. Thank you Lisa. I was surprised at how much they enjoyed the music!

  2. I love these pictures!! We have so many great memories of MFW ADV. I'm sure we'll return to MFW some day--such a wonderful curriculum, and I miss the family togetherness. ;)

    Thanks for sharing your week at A Mama's Story

    1. Thank you for hosting the blog hop! I love getting a glimpse of what other people do too.

  3. Thanks so much for inviting us on your field trip, Casey. We had so much fun-- and as always, it was great seeing you guys, too!


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